The Night Nopat Was Left Out
Lynette T.Noel   Having Only Positive Expectations

Lynette T.Noel, author of The Night Nopat Was Left Out

Lynette Noel is an instructor in Reading at the University of Trinidad and Tobago.She was chairperson of the International Development Committee for the Caribbean of the International Reading Association .She has taught at all levels of the education system in her country, and facilitated workshops there, in Barbados,Bermuda and the USA. Her passion for literacy and the academic improvement of adolescents ,has propelled her to create resources that engage students and help them see reading and writing as enjoyable literate experiences. In 2009, she pioneered a programme for adolescents which assisted them in raising their literacy performance. In 2010,she held a Trainers' workshop geared towards assisting members of the Trinidad and Tobago Reading Association in leading a family literacy programme.

LynetteLynette holds a Bachelor of Arts (University of the West Indies) ;  Master of Education in Literacy (Mount Saint Vincent University), and is a doctoral student at the University of Trinidad and Tobago. A strong believer in the benefits of professional development,she avails herself of every opportunity to refine her skills and interact with other educators. Lynette Noel is a recipient of the 2010 CBIE Scholarship for research, pursued at Mount Saint Vincent University.This year,she and her team launched the first issue of Reading Educators At Large.

Her son Dike, other family members, supportive friends and close colleagues are treasures in her busy schedule.