The Night Nopat Was Left Out
Lynette T.Noel   Having Only Positive Expectations
Nopat's appeal

Nopat will be appealing to readers of all ages.The young readers, especially the boys, will be attracted to the cover and what is depicted there, and will be curious to find out more about the book. The title makes the reader wonder about the circumstances that caused Nopat to be 'left out'. The summary will provide the answer to such curiosity. Teachers and parents will also be interested in the title and the cover, and will realize that this book gives rise to many prevalent social issues.They will be motivated to get the book and read it through the end, either as independent reading, or as a read aloud to their students and/children.The writing is easy, but interspersed with ideas that force the reader to reflect, question his/her beliefs about parenting, friendship, equity in the classroom, and positive relationships.