The Night Nopat Was Left Out
Lynette T.Noel   Having Only Positive Expectations

As Nopat continued bulldozing his way into people's hearts, Levinga remained in the background, only talking when she had to. She waited for people to notice that she was there too. Their parents had stuck to the plan they devised years ago and it had worked to their satisfaction. But there was a backlash in the home. They spent so much time trying to maintain peace that they reached a quiet acceptance of what they had accomplished. They didn't always like what they saw. Ricardo and Ginga had given the two children everything they wanted to make their place a happy home. This sacrifice came with a big cost. Levinga grew up quite reserved, waiting to be invited into family activities, while Nopat was the first one to be seen in anything. You didn't have to ask him twice. Levinga wanted less and less while Nopat craved more and more. Where did we go wrong all these years?